DSV 246

DSV 246 - Hai Long Ming (Previous name: Oriental Dragon)

General Information

Classification : DNV & CCS (Dual Class)

Flagstate : China (FBCR from Liberia)

Port of registry : Tianjin (Monrovia)

Designer : Skipsteknisk AS Norway

Builder : CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Company Limited

Year of build : 2019

Principal Particulars

Length overall : 124 m

Breadth : 24 m

Moulded depth : 10.2 m

Draft (min/max) : 6.5 m to 7.3 m

Deadweight : 5721.00 t


Gross tonnage : 12975

Net tonnage : 3892.00

Total Capacity

Speed at 6.5 m draft : 14.5 knots

Economical speed : 10.5 knots

Clear deck area : approx 900 ㎡

Deck strength : 10 t/㎡

Diesel oil : 1788.2 m³

Lube oil : 225.1 m³

Ballast water : 4545.1 m³

Freshwater : 982 m³

Endurance : 45 days

ANTI -ROLL/ANTI – HEEL : 3 Passive Anti Rolling Tanks, 4 Anti-Heel Tanks

The vessel is designed with DP3 class. ERN number is 99, 99, 99,93. In case of failure, she can withdraw from mission safely even under 50% power loss. The layout of the bridge complies with standards of DNV NAUT-AW notation, ensuring safety of navigation and mission operation.

Designed for very comfortable conditions in severe weather

AC accommodation of the highest standard for 120 persons
(46 single cabins + 37 double cabins)

Dirty Mess & Clean Mess rooms

Multiple meeting rooms / offices on various decks


Multiple recreation areas & laundries

The machinery space is split into one forward and one afterward compartments; each compartment contains two sets of 3500kw diesel generators, for obtaining redundancy level of DP3.

The total engine power is 14 megawatts, to provide electric power for driving 6 thrusters for transiting or dynamic positioning.

The vessel is equipped with 2 of 1400KW tunnel thrusters 2 of 1600KW retractable thrusters of and 2 of 3200KW azimuth thrusters.

Power Generating Plant: 4 x 3490 ekW

Diesel Generator Sets, RR Bergen Diesel B33:45L6A 720 rpm, 690V/60Hz

1 x 900 ekW Harbour Generator Set, Cummins 1800 rpm, 690V/60Hz

1 x 450 ekW Emergency Generator Set, Cummins 1800 rpm, 450V/60Hz

1 x 750 ekW Emergency Generator Set, Cummins for Dive Eqt., 450V/60Hz

Propulsion System: Diesel Electric Propulsion System

2 x 3200 kW CCP Main Azimuth Thrusters aft

2 x 1600 kW FP Tunnel Thrusters Forward

2 x 1400 kW CPP Retractable Azimuth Thrusters Forward

The Vessel has a dedicated ROV hangar equipped with shipside LARS and moon pool LARS systems. The hangar is capable of holding 2 sets of 150hp working class ROVs. The LARS systems have active heave compensation function and be able to operate ROVs at Depth within 3000m.

The shipside ROV LARS combines the hangar door and A-frame together, the hanger door can be completely closed during operation, and it is an innovative LARS design, not only for saving space but also improving safety.

The independent shipside LARS and moon pool LARS allow the Vessel to operate two ROVs at the same time, to obtain high efficiency.

Drass 24 Men SAT Dive System

2 x Drass i100 series Diving Bells

Moonpool launched/AHC
(2x Moon pools, Size : 3.9 mtr x 3.9 mtr)

4 x 6 Men DDC Chambers

2 x TUP

2 x 24 Men Hyperbaric Life Boats (SPHLB)

1 x ø2000mm DDC Chamber for Air Dive

2 x A-Frame for air dive with full air diving capabilities

Gas capacity : 153.0 m3 at 200bar Heliox/60 Kelly tubes cylinders /21 days in sat at 240 mtr

Gas Quad area, with deluge system on top of Bell Hangar :48 ㎡

The system consists of four DDC chambers of 6-man, two TUP chambers, two diving bells and two Hyperbaric Lifeboats.

During the diving operation, the divers are living in full closed hyperbaric environment. Helium oxygen mixture is supplied for divers breathing, the gas reserves onboard are sufficient for 21 days continuous diving mission with work shifts over 24 hours by 24 divers.

Main Crane: NOV 250 t @ 12 m 3000 m (AHC), Whipline: 20 t@ 40 m, 2000 m (AHC)
Personnel Lift: 10 t
(whip line)

Secondary Crane : 30 t @ 12 m 1105 m ·
Personnel Lift: 15 t @ 12 m Aux.

Auxiliary Crane :5 t@ 15 m 385 m
Personnel Lift: 1 t

The knuckled main offshore crane has maximum working load of 250tons in air. The crane remains lift capacity of 150tons at the maximum working depth of 3000M; this is perfect for seabed installation.

The auxiliary offshore crane is certified for personnel lifting as well.

Both the main and auxiliary cranes have the function of active heave compensation.

An active anti-heeling tank system based on pumps is arranged for assisting crane operation.

2 x 120 Men Life Boats (82.5 kg/person)

4 x15 man Life Rafts w/ Launching Appliances

1 x FRC Type: YH6.0FRA

Inboard waterjet engine:Alamarin Jet230 170 HP

Max Capacity: 10 persons;

Max speed with 3 onboard:25 knots

1 x MOB boat Type:YH4.5R Outboard engine Mercury 25 HP

Max capacity: 6 persons, speed with full load: 6 knots

Capacity: Sikorsky S-92A,

D-Value: 21, SWL:12.8T

Rules: CAA UK CAP 437, DSL D 5-1, DNV HELDK-SH, China Aviation Authorities

“21 m Diameter ;
Aluminium pancake for Sikorsky S-92A with a maximum take-off weight of 12.8 t ;
To comply with Class HELDK-SH,IMO regulations and UK civil aviation authorities CAP 437,DAL D 5-1,China aviation authorities “

Sailor MF/HF Radio station GMDSS Area 3

Weather Fax

Inter Com with External Lines through V-Sat.
Marlink V-Sat

V- Sat Internet system through Marlink CCTV 

Vessel fitted to serve any client need of Bandwidth capacity – upon request and Wi-Fi zones throughout the Vessel

DNV : Det Norske Veritas
✠1A1 DSV(SAT, Surface) BIS BWM(T) Clean(Design) COMF(C3,
V3) Crane DK(+) DYNPOS(AUTRO) E0 ECA(SOxA) HELDK(S, H) NAUT(AW) Recyclable SF SPS”

DNV ERN* (99,99,99,93)
COMPLIANT WITH IMO Res. MSC 266(84) Code of Safety for Special Purpose Ships(SPS)

Diving Support Vessel;SPS; DSV-Sat; DSV-air; In-Water Survey; COMF(NOISE 3);
COMF(VIB 3); Loading Computer (S, I, D); Lifting Appliance; Helicopter Facilities

LSFO; AUT-0; DP-3; OMBO; Clean Plus; BWMP; GPR; BWMS